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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Interactive Timeline

Hi y'all!

The weather is beautiful, my sister got into and is going to attend Notre Dame with little loans, and the day went well!  On cloud nine!

Today, we reviewed Act I, scene i of R&J and read scene ii and iii. 

Here's a fun way to have students review what they read the day before - have them do an INTERACTIVE timeline!

I created a timeline on the SMART Notebook, listing all the events that occurred in scene ii, along with the moods.  I placed them all at the top of the page and students had to take turns coming up to put the events in the correct order and with the correct family (the top of the timeline is reserved for Capulets while the bottom is for the Montagues).  After students put the events in order, they had to identify the moods of the events.  Students LOVED it.  It helped with their understanding and a great refresher - especially for those who were out yesterday!

Since students have a project in which they must create their own timeline, they copied the information down so they had the correct information.

What I plan to do is after ACT I, continue the timeline, but eliminate the mood and have students come up with THEIR OWN mood words.  Once we are at Act IV and V, students will continue to put the events in correct order, but there will be less events posted on the page so students will need to fill in the gaps by writing on the board the events in between.  This activity will be available on TPT when we are done with R&J.  Stay tuned!

Just FYI - Students also have to identify the element of the plot, so we are currently in "Exposition" of R&J. 

Here is a "before" and "after" picture.  It took a good half hour (with students writing the information down), but it will definitely be worth it with their projects!

Speaking of their timeline projects, we are only day 2 into the R&J unit and students are bouncing ideas off of me for their timeline project, and let me tell you, I am anxious to see their final product! 

Ms. Bergin