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Monday, April 29, 2013

Electronic portfolio

This weekend, I decided to put together a portfolio.  This portfolio is to show growth and includes artifacts supporting my growth as a teacher. It is STILL a work in progress - meaning I am in the process of uploading the actual artifacts now. :-)  You read that correctly,  I am doing an electronic portfolio.  It is so much neater, displays my knowledge for technology, and much easier to give multiple people access to at the same time anywhere they may need it!

Check it out when you have a chance and keep in mind it's still a work in progress.  I hope to have it completely done by the end of the week with all artifacts uploaded.

I used to have an eportfolio, but it was boring, confusing, and  a lot for both the user and guest viewers to navigate.  Weebly is so much better!  I could recommend blogger as a site to keep your artifacts, but I feel weebly is much cleaner and simple that even those who are not tech savvy can use it.

Ms. Bergin