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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Classroom Walls

Decorating your classroom

If you are a new teacher, the first thing you think of when planning on decorating your classroom is running to the teacher store and getting all these colorful posters and hanging them up.  If you are a high school teacher, you may not hang up much except a few posters relating to your content, because quite frankly, who has the time to concern themselves with classroom decoration when the more important thing is to prepare AMAZING lesson plans that will leave your kids wanting more at the end of the lesson.  

The truth is, if you go and buy posters and hang them up (after laminating of course!), what use are they in the classroom?  Your classroom wall should consist of teaching materials.  They should be posters, life size graphic organizers, or student work that you can point to while teaching.  This will help your students learn easily!

The best way to decorate your classroom?  Have your students do the work!  Identify your best artists, students who may need the extra credit, students who like to stay after school and have them post student work on the board or create posters relating to the unit.  By changing your walls for each unit, you keep your room updated, interesting, and creative!  Make those assignments pop by putting construction paper behind the student work!