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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cursive vs. Print

When I started the semester off with my new crop of students, I decided I was going to write and type everything in cursive.  I made sure the cursive on the board was large enough for the students to read and understand (or so I thought).

I grew up in a public school system, while we did learn cursive in grade school, we were not required to write in cursive on every paper we did (that was more of a catholic school thing).  Despite not being required to write in cursive, we were expected to be able to READ and WRITE in cursive when necessary.

So, when I started off this semester writing in cursive - something all students in my opinion need to be able to read and write in, students complained and would not do the work.  I quickly realized students did not know how to read in cursive, nor could they write cursive.  I could blame this on not being taught cursive since that appears to be the case, as well as typing everything these days instead of writing.  Since I teach high school students, I did not have time to stop and teach cursive to the entire class (all three classes mind you), I had to revert to print.  Is cursive going the way of the landline? Is it really becoming obsolete?  Everyone really needs to know cursive to be able to sign their names for crying out loud.  If you don't know cursive, you are to put an X as your signature.  Will it get to the point that every person puts an X as their signature instead of their own distinguished signature?

I propose we bring cursive back!