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Friday, April 12, 2013


Hi y'all!

Who is as excited as I am that it's FRIDAY!?!?  It's been a quick and long week back from spring break and I for one could use a few days to just relax. 

In honor of Friday, I have a few FREEBIES for y'all! 

Click here for grouping cards - fantastic way to group students.  Included are instructions for how to use the grouping cards

Click here for research topics.  High school students are required to do a research paper at one point in their high school careers.  This is a handout that list 30 topics.  Students must choose a topic and formulate a question pertaining to the topic of their choie that they plan to answer.  My students LOVE this, it gives them freedom and allows them to be interested in their project rather than be assigned a specific topic.  This can be modified to work with middle school as well!

Click here for a character analysis and timeline activity.  My students are currently doing these projects and it is remarkable the blogs students wrote up and timelines students created.  It is tailored to Romeo and Juliet,  but can be modified to fit any novel or play. 

If you download any of these, don't forget to leave feedback and follow my store!  Always looking for ways to make my products even better!

Have a Fantastic Friday :)

Ms. Bergin