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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bright constructin paper makes all the difference in an assignment!

Construction paper, especially bright colorful ones seems to get students engaged into a project immediately!  I'm not sure what it is, maybe the fact it's so colorful and different from the boring construction paper, but my kids are loving it! 

What's more, the kids that have "Crazy Scissors" are probably even more engaged and designing extremely creative timelines!  I purchased the colorful papers at Walmart - a cheap 3 bucks a pack and borrowed the crazy scissors from the library.  I think I'm going to have to invest in my own set of crazy scissors. Something tells me it will be a good investment! I need to add that to my wishlist! 

If you didn't know already, I teach high school!!  When you walk in my room, there's alot of consistency, daily routines/activities we must do, but then we have fun activities like this! 

Some of the more tech-savvy are doing their timeline on the computer, using a variety of programs such as PowerPoint, online INTERACTIVE timeline (I'm extremely curious about this timeline and cannot wait until it's done to see it in action!) and Microsoft Word.

I uploaded the timeline activity handout to for FREE!  It may be modified for any novel study to assist students in remembering the order of events.

I will be honest, this is not an original idea of mine.  I had to do a timeline in my British Literature course in college and emailed my professor for her handout since I lost mine.  I refined it to fit my classes and it is going quite well!  I told the students this project was based on a project I did in college, but modified to fit the novel.  They are elated to know that I think they are capable of doing level 300 college course projects! My college project was much more extensive and more indepth thought required, this project is just to keep the events straight along with identifying mood changes and elements of the plot.