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Thursday, April 18, 2013

End of Year Blog Hop Rules

If you are interested in participating in End-Of-Year Blog Hop that is being hosted by Kristy (  Please contact her at

Here are the requirements for the hop:
1.     Create a new posted called Calming the Chaos - this must be the title as it will affect the back links and the html code

2.    Schedule the post to go live on May 4 @ 12am EST (use World Time Server if you need to convert this to another time zone)

3.    Share 1 idea only that you do with your class at the end of the year to keep them engaged. Think about a one or two paragraph post at the most with a picture or clip art to attract the readers. We are all super stressed right now so please don't feel you need to write more than 1 paragraph.

4.    Have a freebie download to thank people for coming to your blog. The freebie has to be hosted somewhere that does not require a log in password (Google Docs). You can also offer links to Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook, but for those people who do not use those sites a blog based freebie is best. If you want to promote a paid product please only promote one, and position it under the freebie with clearly labeled the cost. I don't want people to get discouraged. Freebies can be 1 page. Do not feel you need to make a 10 page freebie. 

I will send you all the html code you need and introduction etc. All you need to do is write the post AND email Kristy the PERMALINK to your post so I can link it up. 
If you are using blogger right under the scheduler, their is a place called Permalink. It will tell you the link URL even though it has not been published.
Please email me with your permalink by next week and/or with any questions you might have. 

Please consider doing this blog hop, it means more exposure for all involved in the blog hop!  This is meant to be fun and give us creative ideas for our classes as we wind down the school year with students who are not as engaged due to warm weather, summer vacation approaching, etc.

Have a wonderful Thursday and I hope to see you all at the blog hop!

Ms. Bergin