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Sunday, September 30, 2012


New and much cooler version of a PPT!

Sign up with Prezi:

Prezi is a much cooler version of a power point and kids LOVE it!  If you want to see a sample, please preview this prezi I made:

I recommend Prezi to any teacher, student, or even workers in the business world if you to really WOW your teacher or boss with your presentation!

Argumentative Writing

Argumentative Writing

As teachers, we know the importance of teaching our students argumentative writing.  We need to teach them the basics - claim, reasons, and evidence and then give them a writing prompt to respond to.  

What if you made argumentative writing fun?  What if students were engaged?  Then students would get it quickly, it wouldn't be painful to read the essays.  If you are interested, please visit my store at Teachers Pay Teachers for the lesson plan:

A quick preview of the lesson plan:

What I do is split my class into two groups facing each other.  there are three roles in the two groups: Reader, Writer, Speaker.  Each member of the group must eventually take a turn in each role.  I start off assigning the roles that best fit the students (The students that never stop talking are speakers, the students who love reading are readers, and the rest are writers).  A prompt is on the board and students must work together as a team to get their answer and evidence to back up their answer before the other team.  To read more, purchase my Argumentative writing lesson plan.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Online Store!

I have signed up with TeacherspayTeachers.  Please visit my store for lots of fun, creative, and educational materials.  Please bear with me as I am just starting up this site. I will have tons more materials up soon!  



I don't think people realize just how effective technology is in our classroom.  Sure, we all use the SMART board, but how many of us actually play around with the SMART board on our own time to see what we can find?  I don't know about elementary teachers, but middle and high school teachers don't concern themselves as much with creative ideas.  They stick to a routine that works for them.  

I am a proud technology addict and will proclaim my addiction to anyone that sticks around to hear it.  

Take an hour out of your day and explore SMART notebook, learn how to work the clickers, if you have an airliner, learn how to work it, and find creative interactive games students can play.  Students will become even more engaged than they already are and they will learn so much more.  Remember, technology is these kids' lives.  They have grown up around it and do not know a world without technology.  It is up to us to show students how technology can be used as a learning tool, and more importantly, use technology offered in your school to help develop and refine 21st century skills.  


Welcome to my blog!

I recently completed my first year teaching in an inner-city school before relocating to another school.  As a first year teacher in a tought inner-city school, I did not have many resources and help available to me.  Throughout the year, I have developed many different activities, strategies, creative decorations for the walls, as well as techniques for maintaining organization!

I hope you find this blog helpful and I will be adding more things as I work on it!

Ms. Bergin

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Not convinced? check out this article Yahoo posted: