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Sunday, September 30, 2012



I don't think people realize just how effective technology is in our classroom.  Sure, we all use the SMART board, but how many of us actually play around with the SMART board on our own time to see what we can find?  I don't know about elementary teachers, but middle and high school teachers don't concern themselves as much with creative ideas.  They stick to a routine that works for them.  

I am a proud technology addict and will proclaim my addiction to anyone that sticks around to hear it.  

Take an hour out of your day and explore SMART notebook, learn how to work the clickers, if you have an airliner, learn how to work it, and find creative interactive games students can play.  Students will become even more engaged than they already are and they will learn so much more.  Remember, technology is these kids' lives.  They have grown up around it and do not know a world without technology.  It is up to us to show students how technology can be used as a learning tool, and more importantly, use technology offered in your school to help develop and refine 21st century skills.