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Monday, May 19, 2014

Limited Supply of Textbooks Leads to Less Reading

I remember in high school English, we all had our own English textbooks. If we were reading a novel, an epic, or a text that was not in the textbook, we all had our own copy.  There was no need to have teachers run copies.  The reading was done at home and then the discussions, close reading, analysis, and all that fun stuff took place in school.  I learned in a title I school.

As a teacher, I must make copies of texts if I want my students to read something at home.  My students do not have their own textbooks.  Sure, I can upload the online file of the text if I could, but then there's students without internet at home.  Therefore ,we spend a lot of class time reading in addition to the close reading analysis, which sometimes leads to eliminating fun activities because we simply just do not have time for it.  I teach in a Title I school.

What's the difference? That's something I'm trying to figure out.  How to increase reading at home, reduce reading in class and increase instructional activities in class.

Ms. Bergin