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Monday, October 8, 2012


Today was a workday so I didn't have any students.  Today was devoted to putting grades in the system and working on benchmarks.  However, I had already completed those earlier by always putting grades in the system right away and working on the benchmark at the last workday.  Therefore, I was allowed the luxury of spending most of my day planning and developing lesson plans for my upcoming unit Of Mice and Men.

Last year, I started the year off by putting grades in my grading book, but not into the system.  I hated having to spend an entire day putting grades in the system for progress reports or report cards.  After that one quarter, I vowed never to do that again.  I started putting grades in the grading book AND in the system right away.  It saved me so much time! 

Lesson learned:  keep putting in grades right away instead of waiting.  It may seem like a hassle, but only takes up a few minutes of your time as opposed to waiting to do it all in one day and spending hours putting grades into the system.