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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Flip Classroom

 Have you ever heard of a Flip Classroom?!?  A former colleague has just told me about it, and can I say, I'm in LOVE with the idea!  Video tape yourself, have students watch the video at home, and they can do the "homework" in class while you are there to assist.  This idea has to be genius.  It saves time on lecturing, and gives you more time to practice the concept you are teaching with the students!  Granted, it only works if the entire class has a *working* computer and internet they can access from home.  However, this idea is excellent for students who have been absent from class and need to get caught up.  Instead of scheduling time after school, you can redirect them to the classroom computer to get them caught up.  To see a sample video, please view my colleague's video:
This can also be GREAT if you want to do cross-curricular activities, for example, if doing cross curricular in English and History, have the History teacher video tape themselves and all you have to do is pull the video up on your SMARTboard!