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Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Semester, New Kids!

Hey y'all!

I'm at the start of the new semester with a new crop of children to teach!  We are starting off the semester by learning how to annotate.  I developed an Annotation Guide, both in English AND Spanish due to the amount of ESL students I have in my class that know little to no English.  In addition, I created a rubric that goes along with the guide.

Some students are off to a fantastic start with annotation, and others need a little more assistance. I believe that learning annotation at the start will help the rest of the semester go smoothly in terms of reading a text that may be difficult (Odyssey, Romeo and Juliet, etc). 

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Ms. Bergin 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Class Website

Hey y'all!

I've been so busy with prepping for second semester and my new crop of students and doing tons of research on PBL, rubrics, etc and building a class website.  (I LOVE google sites!!)

A class website can be so beneficial in helping students keep track of their due dates, get missing assignments if they were absent, obtain the reading if they can't bring the text home.  My students have Chromebooks that were issued to them, so it is super easy for me to upload assignments, readings, etc to the website and they just need to refer to the website to remain caught up.

Check out my website when you have a chance.

If you do not have a class website, consider establishing one (can be extremely basic!) and it will help not only your students, but helps with teacher evaluation if you get rated on technology usage. Just make sure you keep it up to date.

Ms. Bergin